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Library Exhibits

Past and current exhibits at Buley Library

Library Makerspace

A glass case with a sign "Makerspace @ Buley". In the case are examples of 3D printing and signs with info about the service

A glass case with a sewing machine and related sewing materials. A sign on top says "Take a button, Don't leave a button! Buttons are easy to replace and help recycle old clothing into something new!"








Makerspace exhibit, May-July 2023, Librarian: Kevin Redline

Financial Literacy Month

Financial Literacy Month (online and in the Library), April 2023, Librarian: Amy Jansen

Works from 1927 are now in the Public Domain

Works from 1927 entering the Public Domain, January 2023, Librarian: Rebecca Hedreen

First Generation Students Day

First Generation Students day & events (Nov 8, 2022 & events in Spring 2023), online exhibit, November 2022-present, Librarians: Kari Swanson & Rebecca Hedreen

Juneteenth 2023

Photo TBA

Juneteenth, June 2023, Librarians: Kari Swanson & Rebecca Hedreen