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Library Exhibits

Past and current exhibits at Buley Library

Holiday Popup Books

Photo of exhibit case with winter holiday themed popup books

Happy Holidays Popup Books, Dec 2018, Librarian Paul Holmer

Student Artists' Books on Che Guevara

Photo of entire exhibit case with student-created artists' books

Student Artists' Books, Dec 2018, Librarian Tina Re

Memories of DeStefano Elections

Title plaque for Memories from DeStefano Elections exhibitPhoto of Exhibit case for Memories of DeStefano Elections exhibit

Memories of DeStefano Elections, Oct 2018, Librarian Jackie Toce

Hispanic Heritage Month: 2018

Book display for Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month, Sept 2018, Librarian Jackie Toce

Stephen Hawking: In Memoriam

Exhibit case for memorial exhibit for Stephen Hawking

In Memorium: Stephen Hawking, March 2018, Librarian Rebecca Hedreen

Wide view photo of book exhibit for environmental justice

Environmental Justice, March 2018, Librarian Rebecca Hedreen

Lunar New Year 2018

Photo of Exhibit case with Lunar New Year books and items

Lunar New Year, Feb 2018, Librarian June Cheng

Black History Month Children's Books

Photo of Exhibit case of Children's Books for Black History Month

Black History Month: Children's Books, Feb 2018, Librarian Lisa Bier