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Hispanic American Literature

Finding More

The boxes below contain curated lists of books. 

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After the boom : recent Latin American fiction
Agítese bien : a new look at the Hispanic avant-gardes
Ambiguity and gender in the new novel of Brazil and Spanish America : a comparative assessment
Barrio-logos : space and place in urban Chicano literature and culture
Being in common : nation, subject, and community in Latin American literature and culture
Beyond stereotypes : the critical analysis of Chicana literature
Black writers and Latin America : cross-cultural affinities
Bodies and biases : sexualities in Hispanic cultures and literatures
The catastrophe of modernity : tragedy and the nation in Latin American literature
Charcoal & cinnamon : the politics of color in Spanish Caribbean literature
Chicano/Latino homoerotic identities
Childhood and the nation in Latin American literature : Allende, Reinaldo Arenas, Bosch, Bryce Echenique, Cortázar, Manuel Galván, Federico Gamboa, S. Ocampo, Peri Rossi, Salurrué
Coded encounters : writing, gender, and ethnicity in colonial Latin America
Colonialism and race in Luso-Hispanic literature
Convergencias hispánicas : selected proceedings and other essays on Spanish and Latin American literature, film, and linquistics
The cult of Bolivar in Latin American literature
Cuban writers on and off the island : contemporary narrative fiction
The cultures of the Hispanic Caribbean
Dance between two cultures : Latino Caribbean literature written in the United States
The dialectics of exile : nation, time, language, and space in Hispanic literatures
The ends of literature : the Latin American "boom" in the neoliberal marketplace
The fragmented novel in Mexico : the politics of form
Hispanic American writers
A history of literature in the Caribbean
The identity of Hispanoamerica : an interpretation of colonial literature
Janus identities and forked tongues : two Caribbean writers in the United States
Killing Spanish : literary essays on ambivalent U.S. Latino/a identity
Latin American literature and its times
Latin American literature and mass media
Latin American novels of the Conquest : reinventing the New World
Latin America's new historical novel
Latina Writers
Latino and Latina writers
Latino fiction and the modernist imagination : literature of the borderlands
Latino literature in America
Literary bondage : slavery in Cuban narrative
Literary cultures of Latin America : a comparative history
The magic curtain: the Mexican-American border in fiction, film, and song
Mestizo nations : culture, race, and conformity in Latin American literature
Mexican literature : a history
The modern Latin American novel
Modernism and its margins : reinscribing cultural modernity from Spain and Latin America
Mulattas and mestizas : representing mixed identities in the Americas, 1850-2000
Murder and masculinity : violent fictions of twentieth century Latin America
Myth and archive : a theory of Latin American narrative
New immigrant literatures in the United States : a sourcebook to our multicultural literary heritage
The new novel in Latin America : politics and popular culture after the boom
Notable Latino writers
Pasó por aquí : critical essays on the New Mexican literary tradition, 1542-1988
Play and the picaresque : Lazarillo de Tormes, Libro de Manuel, and Match ball
Postmodern cross-culturalism and politicization in U.S. Latina literature : from Ana Castillo to Julia Alvarez
Postmodern vernaculars : Chicana literature and postmodern rhetoric
Queer migrations: Sexuality, U.S. citizenship, and border crossings
Reading U.S. Latina writers : remapping American literature
Reconstructing childhood : strategies of reading for culture and gender in the Spanish American bildungsroman
Science, technology, and Latin American narrative in the twentieth century and beyond
The Spanish American regional novel : modernity and autochthony
Theoretical fables : the pedagogical dream in contemporary Latin American fiction
This rough magic : technology in Latin American fiction
Tongue ties : logo-eroticism in Anglo-Hispanic literature
Understanding contemporary Chicana literature
Unhomely rooms : foreign tongues and Spanish American literature
Voice-overs : translation and Latin American literature
Voices from the fuente viva : the effect of orality in twentieth-century Spanish American narrative
Writing Paris : urban topographies of desire in contemporary Latin American fiction
Written in exile : Chilean fiction from 1973-present

Novels/Short Stories

17 narradoras latinoamericanas
Adan visto por Eva : relatos de narradoras latinoamericanas
The Aguero sisters
Bésame mucho
Beyond the border : a new age in Latin American women's fiction
Bless me, Ultima
Caramelo, or, Puro cuento : a novel
The circuit : stories from the life of a migrant child
Cubana : contemporary fiction by Cuban women
Daughter of fortune : a novel
Eva Luna
The house of the spirits
The house on Mango Street
How to be a Chicana role model
Iguana dreams : new Latino fiction
In the time of the butterflies
The Jewish gauchos of the pampas
The Latin American short story : a critical history
Like water for chocolate : a novel in monthly installments, with recipes, romances, and home remedies
Loving Che
Masterworks of Latin American short fiction : eight novellas
Memory mambo : a novel
México mutilado : la raza maldita
Mirrors beneath the earth: Short fiction by Chicano writers
The Mixquiahuala letters
My wicked, wicked ways
Nuevos narradores cubanos
Other fires : short fiction by Latin American women
Puppet : a Chicano novella
Quincas Borba
Remaking a lost harmony : stories from the Hispanic Caribbean
Short fiction by Spanish-American women
So far from God : a novel
Under the feet of Jesus
The underdogs, a novel of the Mexican Revolution
Urban voices : contemporary short stories from Brazil
Vecindarios excéntricos
We came all the way from Cuba so you could dress like this? : stories
What night brings : a novel
Woman hollering creek and other stories
Women's fiction from Latin America : selections from twelve contemporary authors


Chicano poetics : heterotexts and hybridities
Corrosive signs : essays on experimental poetry (visual, concrete, alternative)
Daughters of the fifth sun : a collection of Latina fiction and poetry
The dissonant legacy of modernismo : Lugones, Herrera y Reissig, and the voices of modern Spanish American poetry
Hispanic feminist poems from the Middle Ages to the present : a bilingual anthology
Hoffman's Index to poetry : European and Latin American poetry in anthologies
José Emilio Pacheco and the poets of the shadows
Latin American poetry : origins and presence
Loose woman : poems
A Mayan astronomer in Hell's Kitchen : poems 
Medusario : muestra de poesiá latinoamericana
Movements in Chicano poetry : against myths, against margins
My father was a Toltec and selected poems, 1973-1988
Norte y sur de la poesía iberoamericana : Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, España, México, Venezuela
Pablo Neruda and the U.S. Culture Industry
Paper dance : 55 Latino poets
Poemas y narraciones sobre el movimiento estudiantil de 1968
Poesía iberoamericana contemporańea
Poética y poesía de Pablo Neruda 
Poets of contemporary Latin America : history and the inner life
The routes of modernity : Spanish American poetry from the early eighteenth to the mid-nineteenth century
Spanish American poetry at the end of the twentieth century : textual disruptions
These are not sweet girls : Latin American women poets
Triple crown : Chicano, Puerto Rican, and Cuban-American poetry
Twentieth-century Latin American poetry : a bilingual anthology
The woman I kept to myself : poems
Woman who has sprouted wings : poems by contemporary Latin American women poets
Writing rumba : the Afrocubanista movement in poetry

Women in Hispanic American Literature

Allegories of transgression and transformation : experimental fiction by women writing under dictatorship
Beyond the border : a new age in Latin American women's fiction
Border-Line personalities: A new generation of Latinas dish on sex, sass and cultural shifting
Chicana feminisms : a critical reader
Chicana lesbians : the girls our mothers warned us about
Chicanas and Latin American women writers exploring the realm of the kitchen as a self-empowering site
Contemporary Mexican-American women novelists : toward a feminist identity
Contemporary Mexican women writers : five voices
Easy women : sex and gender in modern Mexican fiction
Entre mundos/among worlds : new perspectives on Gloria E. Anzaldúa
Explorations in contemporary feminist literature : the battle against oppression for writers of color, lesbian and transgender communities
Feminism on the border : Chicana gender politics and literature
Feminist readings on Spanish and Latin-American literature
Home girls : Chicana literary voices
How and why I write : redefining Hispanic women's writing and experience
Isabel Allende : a critical companion
Latina lesbian writers and artists
Notable Hispanic American women
Notable Hispanic American women : Book II
Other sisterhoods : literary theory and U.S. women of color
(Out)classed women : contemporary Chicana writers on inequitable gendered power relations
Passion, memory, identity : twentieth-century Latin American Jewish women writers
Performing women and modern literary culture in Latin America : intervening acts
A place in the sun? : women writers in Twentieth-century Cuba 
Plotting women : gender and representation in Mexico
A reader in Latina feminist theology : religion and justice
Reading the feminine voice in Latin American women's fiction : from Teresa de la Parra to Elena Poniatowska and Luisa Valenzuela
Reading U.S. Latina Writers: Remapping American literature
Reinventing identities : the gendered self in discourse
Remembering maternal bodies : melancholy in Latina and Latin American women's writing
Sexual textualities : essays on queer/ing Latin American writing
The shattered mirror : representations of women in Mexican literature
That strange territory : the representation of childhood in texts of three Latin American women writers
Tortilleras : Hispanic and U.S. Latina lesbian expression
Unveiling the body in Hispanic women's literature : from 19th Century Spain to 21st Century United States
With her machete in her hand : reading Chicana lesbians
Woman as witness : essays on testimonial literature by Latin American women
Women in Hispanic literature : icons and fallen idols
Women writers of Latin America : intimate histories
Women writing resistance : essays on Latin America and the Caribbean
Women singing in the snow : a cultural analysis of Chicana literature