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HON 100

A basic guide to using Buley Library for new Honors students.

Welcome to Buley Library!

If you have any questions about anything to do with navigating the library, the services we offer, or how to conduct research, please ask a librarian!


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• Call us at (203) 392-5732

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• Text us at 203-490-0756

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Ask Us

HON 100 Library Assignment

Who's My Librarian?

Once you've figured out who your librarian is, it's time to find them! There are three ways to do this:

1) Go see if they're in their office;

2) If not, check with the Research & Information Desk for when they'll be working there next;

3) If they won't be working the desk for a while, send an email to ask for an appointment.

What's a Subject Librarian For?

So now you know who your librarian is, but how can they help you? Click here to find out!