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HON 100

A basic guide to using Buley Library for new Honors students.

Where Do I Find What's in the Library?

To find items physically located in Buley Library, use SouthernSearch. Once you've done a search, you can refine it based on Available at SCSU, Resource Type, Subject, Author, and more!

Let's see what Buley has on zombies...

Screenshot of SouthernSearch search screen with zombies typed into the search box

35,418 results! Who knew? But not all of them are going to be books at SCSU. For that we'll want to click on the Available at SCSU option on the left-hand side.

Screenshot of the results of the zombies search in SouthernSearch. The number of results and option to limit to Available at SCSU are circled for emphasis.

There, that's better. Only 40 results now! Notice that each result tells you the item's Type (in this case they're all books), Title, Author, Publication Information, Availability, Location, and Call Number. If you want to narrow things down even more, you can use the Subject filter on the left. Confused? Ask a librarian!

Screenshot of SouthernSearch search for zombies limited to what's available at SCSU. The call numbers and locations of the first three books are circled for emphasis, as is the limiter for Subjects on the left-hand side.

Which Floor?

SouthernSearch will tell you an item's location and call number, but how do you know which floor it's on? Check out the Buley Library Floorplan!

What About eBooks?

You can use SouthernSearch for ebooks, too! Just choose "Books" as your filter, and any results you see with Full Text Available are ebooks!

SouthernSearch search results for zombies, limited to all books. The availability tag Full Text Available is circled for emphasis.