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Neurodiversity and the Library

Some tips and resources for navigating the Library while neurodivergent, and for learning more about neurodiversity

Books on neurodiversity

This is a very small sampling of books available in the Library on neurodiversity and related topics.

Search for articles on neurodiversity topics

Psychology and Education databases will be the best places to look for articles on neurodiversity topics. (Be aware that a lot of research and historical work uses the medical model of disability.)


You can check out or use a variety of equipment at the Library:

  • headphones are available at the Check Out desk
  • microphones and other recording equipment are available in the Makerspace collection
  • scanners are available on the first and ground floors of the Library
  • a document magnifier is available on the first floor of the Library

Need something else? Please ask!

Digital tools

Several of our databases include text to speech and transcription services.

Get organized using a Citation Manager to help you collect, organize, and format the references you use in your papers and projects.