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Hilton C. Buley Library


OffCampus Access: Logging into the Library

How to log into the library's databases and online subscriptions from off campus

3 ways to log into the Library

You must login to use the library databases from off campus, view and renew the books you have checked out from the CSCU libraries, request books from the other CSCU libraries, and access electronic reserves. There are 2 ways of logging into the library's online resources:

  1. Network username/password 
  2. Remote login (uses network login)

Campus IDs

Your Network Login is your Username (usually lastname, first initial, and a number) and the Network Password that you use to get into MySCSU/Sailpoint, Blackboard, and to log into the campus computers. If you cannot log into MySCSU, use the MySCSU Password Reset or contact the IT Helpdesk for login/password assistance. MySCSU password changes are usually immediate, bu may take some time to be available in all library login functions.

TIP: If you reset your MySCSU password while off campus, log into to be sure that your new password will work on the campus computers and the wireless network (SCSUInternet).

More info

Information for AOL users -- you must use a full featured web browser to access the databases. Log in via AOL as you normally do. If/when the AOL browser appears, minimize it and open a different browser and use the web via the second browser. Downloads of fully featured browsers are available: Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Opera, other browsers.

Access tips

More information for online & distance education students and faculty is available on the Distance Education Library Home Page.

How to Logon

If you are logged into Microsoft Office365 in another browser tab you will be seamlessly logged into the Library's services. If you are not logged on you will see this Microsoft login screen.

microsoft login screen

An alternative route into the databases from offcampus is available through the campus Remote server. You will still need to log into CONSULS to view e-reserves, and request and renew books.

1) Log in to (regular network login)

2) In the box on the upper right, type and click Browse. 
You can also click the + symbol to the right of Web Bookmarks, and add a direct link to the library.

3) Search Databases as usual, without having to log in again!

Note: You will not be able to follow any links that go outside the databases or campus website. For outside links, open a new window or tab in your browser and copy the URL's into this new window/tab.

Accessing the Remote server on campus may provide different options than off campus access.


You can use the following links on-campus or via the Remote server if the login process is not working at all: