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Hello, COM 287 students!

The plan for the class session is:

  1. I'll demonstrate SouthernSearch and then give you time to search it with your group.
  2. I'll demonstrate Google Scholar and then give you time to search it with your group
  3. I'll demonstrate Ebsco databases and then give you time to search with your group

The databases have overlap but each also has unique features. Google Scholar searches the widest field but can't be limited to full text; SouthernSearch and searches most of our databases; Ebsco has the best collection of Communication databases but is correspondingly narrower than the other two.

Illustrated PDFs for each database can be accessed using the tabs on the left. 

If you have any questions, please contact me by email (, or by chat or TEAMS if I'm online. We can also arrange a one-on-one session in-person or via video if you'd like help specifically for your research.

The URL for the Buley Library Home Page is