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Where to find help in the library, online and in person, including database tutorials, guides to off campus access, and more

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Security Certificates

Security Certificates

Security certificates are credentials that prove that the site you have reached is the site you wanted to reach. However, sometimes something goes wrong. When one of our services or resources has a recurring certificate error we will make a note of that on our library pages. For instance, we regularly see security certificate errors when logging into EndNote Web. If you see a "Security certificate error" message and you are confident that it's safe to do so, you can tell your browser that you want to continue on to the page. Each browser looks a little different, but you'll generally have to click a button that Accepts the security exception or Continues on to the page. 

Off Campus Access

Off Campus Access

When you're accessing a library database from off campus, you will be prompted to sign in. Here is how you will sign in from off campus: 

1.) Click on a database.

Clicking on Academic Search Premier, opening Off campus login


2.) You will be asked to enter your email address.

Entering email address from login


3.) And then your password.

Entering password then clicking "sign in"


4.) A code will be sent to you. This 6 digit number will be different every time you log in.

Unique code sent as a text


5.)  Enter the number you received. 

Entering unique code into login


6.) If you're on your own device, you can choose to stay signed in. This will reduce the number of times you're asked to sign in. Click on "Verify" and you will then be directed to the database you selected!

Click on check box for "Don't ask again for 60 days" and then "Verify"


Need more help with off campus access? See our Off Campus Access guide.