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Critical thinking: Conspiracy theories, fake news, urban legends, and moral panics

If you’re teaching critical thinking and looking for timely and engaging material, why not try a conspiracy theory?

Ongoing series

On March 1 2021, NPR began an ongoing series called Untangling Disinformation. It's about disinformation generally, including conspiracy theories. One installment discusses a new HBO documentary about QAnon.

The Shadowland series from The Atlantic began in 2020 and is ongoing.

The Media Manipulation Casebook is apparently not ongoing but a very interesting set of case studies with icons for different forms of manipulation. Topics include a few conspiracy theories.


A list of conspiracy theories from Wikipedia

For the most recent conspiracy theory news: Google News Search for conspiracy theories

Looking for conspiracy theories, moral panics, and similar tales in their native habitat? Check YouTube, social media, Reddit/r/conspiracytheories*, or visit one of these websites: NaturalNews, OANN, Epoch Times. If you find a rich vein elsewhere, please email me.

*r/conspiracy has recently seen an influx of far right-wing enthusiasts and the tone and content have changed.

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