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Literature Research & Critical Theory

This guide is for English majors and anyone else interested in locating information about authors and their works.

Critical Theory and Literature Research Web Sites

American Studies Websites
This is the American Studies Virtual Library from Georgetown University. It contains finding aids, directories, and resources for American Studies. Provides access to online libraries, primary texts, and special collections pertaining to American Studies. The following links are especially useful: Theory and Method in American Cultural Studies (an on-line bibliographic essay by T.V. Reed of Washington State University), American Studies Web (a subject and topic based directory of links to topics in American culture), Archive of Primary Texts from the University of Virginia (which includes Studies in Classic American Literature by D.H. Lawrence, among other titles), Index to articles published in the American Quarterly from 1975-1995, Essays about American Studies from the ASA archive, and abstracts of American Studies Dissertations from 1986 to the present. 

Bibliography for the History of English Studies
This page was authored by Rita Raley in 1995 while she was a graduate student in the University of California, Santa Barbara. Although the title suggests it is merely a bibliography, some of the essays are available in full text. There are primary documents on site by Thomas B. Macaulay; John Henry Newman; Adam Sedgwick; Hutcheson Macaulay Posnett; Mary Wollstonecraft; Raymond Williams; Gayatri Spivak; Gauri Viswanathan; D.J. Palmer; Chris Baldick; Franklin Court; Brian Massumi; Avital Ronell; and others. 

A Celebration of Women Writers
This site promotes awareness of the breadth and variety of women's writing throughout history. It provides a comprehensive listing of links to biographical and bibliographical information about women writers and complete published books written by women. Also contains online editions of older, rare, and out-of-copyright works covering the following categories: children's books (poetry and prose), fiction (poetry, prose, and plays), and non-fiction (diaries, letters, autobiographies, biographies, memoirs, travel, and social issues.

English Literature on the Web
Contains links to general sites on British and Commonwealth Literature; links to British and Irish authors by time period; electronic text resources; Anglo-Saxon and medieval links; links to Renaissance, Restoration, Romanticism and Victorian literature; twentieth century literature; links to general sites on American Literature and American authors and their works. 

Feminist Literary Criticism and Theory
The page includes information on difference literary genres, specific historical periods, pedagogical issues, politics and literature, and literary theory. The section on literary theory contains a bibliography on feminist literary theory. The page also contains information on selective individual feminists and highlights biographical information, major themes, their specific contribution to feminist theory, and a bibliography of books, articles secondary sources and internet sites.

Literary Criticism and Theory
This page from the New York Public Library is archived and no longer updated. Contains essays on postmodern thought, critical theory, book reviews, journals, essays on women, and much more.

Literary History
Serves as a useful guide for readers, students and teachers of English literature. Keeps readers informed of the most innovative criticism on the web. There is a selective list of links to the best articles on Romantic and Victorian literature, and a web index of Post-modern literature. This site is published and edited by a former indexer and abstracter of H.W. Wilson Company, Jane Pridmore, who also teaches Composition and Literature at Boston University. This site is committed to promoting the use of the internet for scholarly research in literary studies. 

Literary Resources - Theory
Part of the "Literary Resources" collection maintained by Jack Lynch of Rutgers University, this page includes links to ECLAT (Essential Comparative Literature and Theory) site from University of Pennsylvania; the Johns Hopkins Guide to Literary Theory and Criticism; Literary Theory Project from Rice University; Modern Literary Theory site from University of Texas at Austin which contains information on twentieth century literary theory such as formalism, structuralism, feminism, and psychoanalysis; the Society for Critical Exchange; the Popular Culture website from Manchester Institute; UC Irvine's Wellek Library Lecture Bibliographies of works by and about major theorists; Who's Who in Theory from Southern Oregon State University; the Cultural Theory page from the English Server at CMU; various links to philosophy, postmodern thought, and cultural studies; a guide to the theory of literary genres form the University of Cologne; information on specific critical theory journals and individual theorists like Bakhtin, Passagenwerk, Maurice Blanchot, Harold Bloom, Helene Cixous, Deleuze and Guattari, Paul de Man, Michel Foucalt, Freud, Husserl. I.A. Richards, and Jacques Lacan, and Jacques Lyotard. 

Literature Resources - MIT Libraries
Contains and extensive collection of internet links by literary period and genre. The periods covered are classic and medieval, sixteenth through nineteenth centuries, American, Canadian, Australian drama, poetry, women and literature sites. Also contains links to databases and e-journals, literary works in full text, literary meta sites which are web sites that offer broad coverage of literature resources, reference works, specific authors and their works, and other miscellaneous sites including listservs, electronic text centers, bibliographies, literary prizes, and scholarly societies.

Online Literary Criticism Collection - Internet Public Library
Contains evaluative or explanatory writings about works of literature. The collection includes many international authors but the sites are primarily in the English language. British authors include authors of English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh origin, and writers of the British colonies such as India. The website can be browsed for information on authors and their works by author, by title, or by nationality and literary period. The categories of information include American literature, British literature, Canadian literature, French literature, Italian literature, Spanish literature, German literature, Lain literature, Russian literature, Japanese literature, Greek literature, Chinese literature, Polish literature, Scandinavian literature, literature of South East Asia, Middle East literature, Caribbean, African, Australian, New Zealandic, and Indian Literature.

Voice of the Shuttle Literary Theory Page
This is a thorough bibliography boasting an exhaustive list of literary theory, literary criticism, and cultural theory links. The bibliography starts off with general theory resources and then categorizes them by literary time frame and genre ranging from the classics to the contemporary. The General section has a link to FrontList Books, an "online bookstore offering scholarly and literary titles to readers with decidedly theoretical interests; emphasis on recently published and soon to be published titles from over 175 publishers in literary, feminist, queer, and postcolonial theory; cinema, literary, gender, women's studies, Asian, Latin American, and cultural studies; fiction, philosophy, anthropology, history, and poetry; allows browsing by category and includes brief description of books". Other useful information in this category is a timeline of literary theories in the United States and links to materials from some academic institutions on contemporary literary theory. Plato and Aristotle enjoy extensive links in the Classics section. Kant is the focus of the Enlightenment and Romantic category while Nietzsche and Kierkegaard are featured in the nineteenth century. An extensive suite of pages is devoted to surrealism, existentialism, futurism, new criticism, phenomenology, structuralism in the twentieth century with several links to proponents of those theories. The contemporary theory section highlights cultural studies, cyberculture, feminist theory, film theory, media theory, Marxist critique, deconstruction, postcolonial studies, postindustrial business theory, reader response theory and technology theory.