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How to find information on all aspects of math

Getting Started

Welcome to the Mathematics guide!  This guide will help you locate information on Math. Use the tabs on the side to navigate through the different sections.

Scholarly vs. Non-scholarly Sources

You will find many different types of sources while doing research. These sources will all fall under one of two categories, scholarly or non-scholarly. In most cases, you should primarily use scholarly sources in academic work. This guide will help you find both types of sources for your topic. 


Scholarly Sources: 


  • Peer reviewed journal articles 
  • Scholarly books
  • Intended audience is researchers and scholars in the field
  • Cites credible and authoritative sources
Non-Scholarly Sources:


  • Newspaper and magazine articles
  • Popular books, encyclopedias, textbooks
  • Intended audience for a general audience
  • Typically no citations provided to indicate source of information