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MLA Style Guide Eighth Edition



The name of the publisher can be found on the title page and some times on the copyright page.

In the works cited list, you can omit business words like Inc. (Incorporated), Co. (company), Corp. (Corporation), and Ltd. (Limited).

Use UP for University Press. If University and Press are separated by other words, replace them with U and P (e.g., U of Chicago P).

List only the division if the title page contains the parent company and the division.

List all sources if more than one organization is listed in the source as publisher.

Jacobs, Alan. The Pleasure of Reading in an Age of Distraction. Oxford UP, 2011.

If a work is published by two or more organizations that are equally responsible for the work, include both organizations separating them with a forward slash (/).

When documenting a work in film or television where several companies perform different tasks, cite the company that has the most responsibility for the work.
Kuzui Fran Rubel, director. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Twentieth Century Fox, 1992.

Web Sites

Web Sites are published by various organizations such as museums, libraries, universities, government, corporations, etc.
Harris, Charles "Teenie". Woman in Paisley Shirt behind Counter in Record Store. Teenie Harris Archive, Carnegie Museum of Art,
             Pittsburgh, index.html#date08.

Manifold Greatness: The Creation and Afterlife of the King James Bible. Folger Shakespeare Library / Bodleian Libraries,
             U of Oxford / Harry Ransom Center, U of Texas, Austin,


A Blog Network may be considered the publisher of the blogs it hosts.
Clancy, Kate. "Defensive Scholarly Writing and Science Communication." Context and Variation, Scientific American
 24 Apr. 2013, context-and-variation/201/04/24/defensive-scholarly-writing-

A publisher's name can be omitted for the following types of publications either because it is not necessary to give the publisher's name or because there is no publisher.

A periodical (journal, magazine, or newspaper)

A work published by its author or editor

A web site whose title is the same as the publisher.

A web site that is not involved in producing the works it makes available such as Netflix, YouTube, JSTOR, ProQuest or WordPress.These are containers, not publishers.

Multiple Publishers
If a source has more than one publisher, separate them with a forward slash.
Tomlinson, Janis A., editor. Goya. Images of Women. National Gallery of Art / Yale UP, 2002.