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MLA Style Guide Eighth Edition


The eighth edition of the MLA Handbook published in 2016 aims to create a standard citation format which can be adapted to a changing environment. It highlights the most common elements of sources giving users the flexibility to create the appropriate citation for any source and adapt documentation styles to suit new publishing media and circumstances. "It therefore focuses on the writer's decision making" as stated in the preface to the handbook. Some of the information and examples in this guide have been taken from the eighth edition of the MLA Handbook. I also consulted EasyBib's web site for information and examples.

Note: When in doubt, always check the requirements with your professor.

Click on the relevant tabs above for help with citing sources.

For additional help, consult the MLA Style Center. MLA Style Center describes how to format a research paper. It also contains  explanations and practice sheets to guide you.

Also check Purdue Online Writing Lab for additional citation resources.