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Nursing information in the library, from basic knowledge to specific types of research articles to video tutorials

Quick! Find an article in CINAHL - THE Nursing Database


  • Start your search with one or two concepts linked with the word AND: cardiac care and nursing or caring and oncology.
  • Don't use too many terms. Start general, then refine your search using the options on the left of the results page--especially Subject: Major Heading.
  • Use medical terminology when possible. "Myocardial infarction" will get more clinical articles than "heart attack".


There are more options in the Advanced Search, such as getting an article by a nurse, a research article, or a clinical trial. There are many types of publications (click for list and descriptions) available, like research articles and CEUs.

Important Access Note!

If you work at an institution with a subscription to CINAHL (or another EBSCOhost database), you may not have access to our full text resources at work (even if you log in via our pages). Log in from home (or anywhere not at your work site) and you should see all our options.

Finding specific types of articles

Peer-reviewed/Refereed: In CINAHL, you can specify Peer-reviewed in both the Basic and Advanced searches (check box below the search box). This limits the search to peer-reviewed *journals*. Individual articles within peer-reviewed journals may not be peer-reviewed. Generally only research related articles within a peer-reviewed journal will themselves be peer-reviewed. This is may be specified in (or near) the abstract. You can also limit your search to Research articles (see below).

Written by a Nurse: In CINAHL, you can specify Written by a Nurse in the Advanced Search, using either the First Author is Nurse or Any Author is Nurse check boxes. This will identify only articles where at least one author is specifically identified as holding some sort of nursing credential, from 2009 to the present. Older articles, and articles where the authors are not identified with credentials, will not appear in the search results. For additional articles, do a normal search and look for author affiliation or credentials in the full text of the article.

Research articles, especially with particular methodologies: In CINAHL in the Advanced Search, there is a check box for Research Article or you can specify various types of research under Publication Type. In MEDLINE, you can specify a number of different methodologies in the Publication Type box (Basic and Advanced search). For more tips, see the Research Articles Tab Above.