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Nursing information in the library, from basic knowledge to specific types of research articles to video tutorials

CINAHL "Research" CheckBox

CINAHL provides one-click access to research articles.

  1. Click to the Advanced Search
  2. Check the 'Research' check box below the search boxes
  3. Add your keyword search terms and search
    • You can use research-related search terms, such as "concept analysis", "phenomenology", etc. as keywords. (See the search features below for additional research-related options, and the next section for qualitative and quantitative studies.)

Other useful Research-related search features

CINAHL Advanced Search also provides:

  • Check boxes for 'First Author is a Nurse' and 'Any Author is a Nurse' for research by nurses
  • Check boxes for Meta-Synthesis and Randomized Control Trial research studies
  • Clinical Queries selections (not necessarily research) for
    • Therapy
    • Prognosis
    • Review (literature review articles)
    • Qualitative
    • Causation
      --Choose "High Sensitivity" for a broad search, "High Specificity" for a narrow, precise search, and "Best Balance" for something in between
  • Subject limits
    • Journal Subset--including Nursing, Core Nursing, Health Promotion, and Public Health
    • Special Interest
  • Population related:
    • Checkboxes for Human (as opposed to animal studies), Pregnancy, In- and Out-patient
    • Menus for
      • Male/Female (inclusive, i.e. definitely includes males or females, not necessarily only males or females)
      • Age Groups
  • Research related Publication Types such as:
    • Clinical Trial
    • Meta Analysis
    • Meta Synthesis (same as the check box)
    • Questionaire/Scale
    • Randomized Controlled Trial (same as the check box)
    • Research (same as the check box)
    • Research Instrument
    • Research Instrument Utilization

Note: Don't use all of these at once!

Concept Analysis and other types of research

If the type of research you need isn't listed in the search limits as described above, you can add a keyword or phrase to your search. This can be combined with other search features:

More about Concept Analysis:

Other databases

  • Medline has many Publication Types that include research, like Clinical Trials. You can also select research-related info like animal/human studies, age groups, in- or out-patient focus, etc.
  • PsycInfo has a huge number of Methodologies, including quantitative and qualitative. Research-related options like age groups are also available.