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Open Access & Open Educational Resources for Communication Disorders

What Are Open Access & Open Educational Resources?

Open Access (OA) resources are materials that are freely available on the web for anyone to access, view, download, print, or distribute freely for lawful purposes. These may be books, web sites, journals, blogs, media, teaching resources, dissertations, etc.

Open Educational Resources (OER) are shared under any CC license (that does not prohibit derivatives) or released into the public domain, typically created and shared for educational purposes. OER may be freely reused, remixed, revised, retained, and redistributed.

For a detailed explanation of open access resources and the proper use of them, see our OA/OER guide.

Searches for Communication Disorders

The sites listed here search for Open Access and Open Educational Resources including textbooks, courses, assignments, syllabi, lesson plans, journal articles, government documents, and other material.

OA/OER Infographic

OA/OER poster from