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Electronic Information Access Policy

The computers in the public areas of Buley Library have been provided to support the educational and research mission of Southern Connecticut State University.

Computer use is covered by the SCSU and CSU computer use and security policies:

Internet Use

The Internet offers access to a vast amount of information beyond the walls of Buley Library. Buley Library accepts no responsibility for the quality of the information found by the searcher.  The Internet is unregulated, and you may find erroneous or objectionable material.  Users must be aware of the wide range of validity or accuracy, timeliness and general usefulness of information.  It is wise to check dates information was posted, and the source of the listing as far as that is possible.

Buley Library adheres to the tenets of the American Library Association’s document, The Library Bill of Rights.

  1. The library does not attempt to censor access to web sites, but expects patrons to search only for material pertinent to academic research.

  2. All Internet users should possess Internet searching skills as librarians do not give extensive help in searching. SCSU community members should contact the Academic Computing Center (392-6444) for information about Internet classes.

  3. The availability of the Internet sites selected by Buley librarians (found through Buley Library’s Research Guides page) cannot be guaranteed because of the changing nature of the Internet.

  4. All of the general computer use policies applying to CSU and Buley Library computers apply to Internet access.

Guest Computer Use

Buley Library welcomes community and guest users. Guests may be eligible for the Guest Borrower Program to check out books. There are 2 guest workstations available by the Research & Information Desk.

SCSU alumni may be eligible for regular network access. Please contact the Alumni Office and the OIT Helpdesk. Contractors, visiting scholars, and other official guests of the university may be eligible for guest network access. Please contact your university sponsor or employer.

  1. Guests must be logged on by the Research Librarian on duty. (Research & Information Desk hours)
  2. Guests must be prepared to show ID.
  3. Guest access is first come first served. There is no sign up sheet or reservation system.
  4. SCSU students, faculty and staff have first priority at all computer workstations, including the library catalog kiosks and the scanner(s). CSU and CT Community College students, faculty, and staff, and members of the Guest Borrower Program have second priority.
  5. Guests may not ask SCSU patrons for access to the guest workstations, even if there are open computers available.
  6. Guest access to computers may be limited to 1 hour. Guest access to scanner(s) may be limited to half hour.
  7. SCSU students, faculty, and staff have priority for assistance by the Research Librarians and other library staff.
  8. Research help is available for library databases and resources. Technical & computer help is limited to basic tasks related to library resources.
  9. Guests are expected to comply with all library and campus computer policies, and with general library policies including noise and food/drink policies. (All policies are available online.)
  10. Printing is NOT available to guests. Documents may be saved to USB drives or emailed. Guests are responsible for providing their own USB drives. Files saved to the computer hard drives will not be accessible at a later time.
  11. The library computers are primarily for library research and access to the library collections. Guests using the computers for other purposes may be asked to desist.
  12. Certain resources may not be available to walk in users. Please consult a Research Librarian for alternatives.


Printing from the computers on the 1st and 2nd floors of the library is the same as printing in the labs. There are no printers on the 2nd floor. There are both black & white printers (default, double-sided) and color printers on the 1st floor. There is a HootLoot card machine on the 1st floor for adding money (cash only, $1, 5, 10, or 20) to your HootLoot/Campus ID card.

There is no Guest printing. Guests are encouraged to bring USB drives or email materials for printing elsewhere.