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Services for Patrons with Disabilities

Buley Library provides access to materials, information and services for individuals with disabilities. Our library’s front entrance library is accessible through the power-equipped doors. Every floor in the building is accessible by elevator, and the first floor has a wheelchair accessible restroom.

  • Our library services for patrons with disabilities are contingent upon staff availability and reasonable accommodation. Advance notice is appreciated when more extensive help is required.

Library services for persons with disabilities may include:

  • Retrieving library materials for library patrons who are unable to access the collection
  • Assistance with photocopying a reasonable number of pages from journal articles or books
  • Research assistance with the library online catalog and other electronic databases
  • Library in-house use of special equipment such as the Liberty Plus, a portable CCTV that enlarges print material
  • There is a free AI-adapted, PDF converter available for open access journals at

Students can also get additional assistance and information by contacting the Student Supportive Services or
the Center for Adaptive Technology.