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Buley LIbrary, Southern Connecticut State University

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  Rosa Parks Posters by Amos Paul Kennedy

We are delighted to add three posters by Amos Paul Kennedy to our collections at Buley Library. The graphic work of Amos Paul Kennedy is socially and politically charged. These posters are from his Rosa Parks series and pay tribute to the legacy of the civil rights activist who changed the course of history with her acts of civil disobedience. A self-proclaimed “humble negro printer,” Amos Paul Kennedy builds the multi-layered surfaces of his letterpress posters with accumulated layers of printed serif and sans serif wood type in saturated and brightly colored inks. The typography is dense, laden with provocation and emotion, and permeated with historic references to the relentless repression and inequalities endured by African Americans in the United States of America.

Covid-19 Digital Archive

Over the course of the Spring and Summer 2020 semesters, Special Collections faculty began collecting material from the SCSU community surrounding their experiences during the pandemic. This user-submitted content is stored in a publicly-accessible archive to allow all of us to better understand and process the historically significant times in which we have found ourselves. You can read more details in this guide, and we invite you to browse existing submissions and to contribute to the archive.

Something More, Chelsea King


Quotations of Rosa Parks, Human Rights Activist

Amos Paul Kennedy Poster (Letterpress)

Letterpress Artist Amos Paul Kennedy Jr.’s Rosa Parks Series

This guest post by Katherine Blood, Curator of Fine Prints, Prints & Photographs Division, highlights posters that complement the New York Poster House exhibition “The Letterpress Posters of Amos Kennedy” (October 8, 2020–January 3, 2021), curated by Angelina Lippert.