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Finding and Using Statistics

Properly used, statistics can add weight and interest to your news story. It is important, however, to find current and accurate sources. Before trusting the numbers you find be sure that they:

  • are from a credible source,
  • were properly collected and clearly reported,
  • are relevant to the time period in question.

Finding Statistics Online

You can find statistics in almost any article in any database, but the following list of databases and websites contain statistics on all manner of subjects. For even more suggestions of where to find statistics, please see the Datasets Research Guide.

Print Resources

Use the library's catalog, SouthernSearch, to find print resources containing statistics. In Advanced Search, you can use keywords for your topic plus "statistics" to narrow your search. For example, traffic and statistics or education and statistics. If you know the agency that produces the statistics, such as the Connecticut Department of Public Health, add that to your search as well.