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How to find information on all aspects of biology

Searching for Books

  • Use SouthernSearch the online CSU catalog for books at Southern and the other CSCU libraries.
  • Use WorldCat (SCSU database or website) to find books from all over the world. You can Interlibrary loan many of the books we don't have.

Biology Call Numbers

Most books and other items in the library are organized by the Library of Congress Call Number system. In that system, the basic sciences (biology, chemistry, physics, etc.) are under Q.

Biology is split among the QH's (natural history and general biology), QK (botany), QL (zoology), QM (human anatomy), QP (physiology) and QR (microbiology). You'll find biology materials in the STACKS (3rd floor), Oversized Books (3rd floor), Media (1st floor), and Reference (1st floor).


Here are the subjects associated with the specific call numbers, in case you'd like to browse. However, if you are looking for something specific, searching SouthernSearch is usually quicker.


  • QH1-278.5 Natural history (General)
  • QH1-(199.5) General - Including nature conservation, geographical distribution 
  • QH201-278.5 Microscopy 
  • QH301-705.5 Biology (General) 
  • QH359-425 Evolution 
  • QH426-470 Genetics 
  • QH471-489 Reproduction 
  • QH501-531 Life 
  • QH540-549.5 Ecology 
  • QH573-671 Cytology 
  • QH705-705.5 Economic biology


  • QK1-989 Botany
  • QK1-474.5 General - Including geographical distribution
  • QK474.8-495 Spermatophyta. Phanerogams
  • QK494-494.5 Gymnosperms
  • QK495 Angiosperms
  • QK504-(638) Cryptogams
  • QK640-(707) Plant anatomy
  • QK710-899 Plant physiology
  • QK900-989 Plant ecology


  • QL1-991 Zoology
  • QL1-355 General - Including geographical distribution
  • QL360-599.82 Invertebrates
  • QL461-599.82 Insects
  • QL605-739.8 Chordates. Vertebrates
  • QL614-639.8 Fishes
  • QL640-669.3 Reptiles and amphibians
  • QL671-699 Birds
  • QL700-739.8 Mammals
  • QL750-795 Animal behavior
  • QL791-795 Stories and anecdotes
  • QL799-799.5 Morphology
  • QL801-950.9 Anatomy
  • QL951-991 Embryology


  • QM1-695 Human anatomy
  • QM1-511 General
  • QM531-549 Regional anatomy
  • QM550-577.8 Human and comparative histology
  • QM601-695 Human embryology


  • QP1-(981) Physiology
  • QP1-345 General - Including influence of the environment
  • QP351-495 Neurophysiology and neuropsychology
  • QP501-801 Animal biochemistry
  • QP(901)-(981) Experimental pharmacology


  • QR1-502 Microbiology
  • QR1-74.5 General
  • QR75-99.5 Bacteria
  • QR99.6-99.8 Cyanobacteria
  • QR100-130 Microbial ecology
  • QR171 Microorganisms in the animal body
  • QR180-189.5 Immunology
  • QR355-502 Virology