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Different Types of Sources

This guide discusses some of the different types of sources you are likely to find in our databases.

Examples from Education



Major/Subject Area



Bilingual Education

A research article studying differences in fluency for English-dominant and Spanish-dominant students in a third-grade classroom in Florida

A magazine article about the economic benefits of bilingual immersion for English-dominant students.


Taub, Gordon E., Sivo, Stephen A., & Puyana, Olivia E. (2017). Group Differences between English and Spanish Speakers' Reading Fluency Growth in Bilingual Immersion Education. School Psychology Forum, 11(2), 45-51.

Anderson, M. D. (2015, November 10). The Economic Imperative of Bilingual Education. Retrieved January 10, 2018, from

Early Childhood/Elementary Education

A quantitative study about the effects of lengthening the school day on student achievement.

News article about schools lengthening the school day to improve student achievement.


Cabrera-Hernandez, Francisco. (2015). Does lengthening the school day increase students’ academic achievement? Evidence from a natural experiment. 116.

“Seven Connecticut Schools to Extend Teaching Day.” The Connecticut Mirror, December 3, 2012.

Information and Library Science

Scholarly article based on a survey of public libraries.

Newspaper article about how people use libraries in a recession.


Taylor, Natalie, et al. “Public Libraries in the New Economy: Twenty-First-Century Skills, the Internet, and Community Needs.” Public Library Quarterly 31 (2012): 191-219. 

“Folks Are Flocking to the Library, a Cozy Place to Look for a Job.” Wall Street Journal, January 15, 2009.

Special Education


A scholarly article about autism and inclusion.

A newspaper article about teens with autism in high schools.


Sansoti, Jenine and Frank Sansoti. “Inclusion for Students with High-Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders: Definitions and Decision Making.” Psychology in the Schools 49 (2012): 917-931.

Winerip, Michael. “A School District that Takes the Isolation Out of Autism.” New York Times, August 1, 2012.