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Young Adult Literature

This guide was created for ENG 372 (Young Adult Literature) offered by the Department of English at Southern Connecticut State University.

Web Sites for YA Literature



Author Sites

African American Authors (Young Adult Fiction)
This is a wiki of African American Authors who write books for young adults created by Jefferson-Madison Regional Library.

Authors and Illustrators on the Web  
An extensive list of books featuring award winners, notable lists, Kirkus lists, books recognized by the School Library Journal, and many more.

The Best Young Adult Authors 
This list includes paranormal authors, fantasy authors, mystery authors, and more.

List of young adult authors by state (YALSA)
This page hosted by ALA lists young adult authors by state for the purpose of planning author visits and other such programs.


Author Interviews - the YA Shelf
The YA Shelf is a community of young adult authors, readers and bibliophiles who review books for young adults and present interviews of some of the best  young adult authors.

Children’s and Young Adult Author Interviews 
A fantastic young adult literature web site by Cynthia Leitich Smith which features author interviews with many authors.

Young Adult Author Interviews - Goodreads
​Goodreads is an excellent site that allows browsing for YA books by genre. The site is searchable by author, title, and ISBN. In addition to reading interviews about the authors, you can ask authors questions.

Young Adult Author Interviews - Stone Soup
The Magazine offers interviews of young adult authors who provide fabulous advice on writing that are useful for writers or all ages.

Young Adult Author Interviews - VOYA
​In addition to other topics of vital interest to young adults, VOYA magazine offers young adult author interviews and profiles.

Video Interviews with Top Young Adult Authors  
This site by offers video interviews with authors about their childhoods the teachers who influenced them, why they became writers, and lots of great details about their writing processes and works.