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Library Services for Faculty and Staff

Linking to items found in the databases

Library databases are purchased for SCSU students, faculty, and staff. The library has different databases that contain articles, videos, music and art.

When embedding an article link into your course or other documents, you aren't able to simply cut and paste the link found in the URL (web address). There is a syntax you need to follow. Usually, adding a permalink to your course readings follows copyright procedures with no headaches!

An example of how to get a permalink for an article can be found below.

EBSCO Databases

  1. Locate the article in any of the EBSCO databases.
  2. Click on the Detailed Record link.
  3. Click on Permalink (right side of the screen, circled in red in the photo below).
  4. Copy the Permalink that appears on the top of the screen just above the article.
  5. Paste the resulting link to class material or in Blackboard.

EBSCO article display permalink option. Where to click for permalink is circled in red on the right menu

Off-Campus Link Generator

This tool will add coding to a persistent link or to a DOI Name found in a database that will allow it to be used from outside the SCSU campus network if it is not already embedded in the URL.

Please Note: Putting a URL through the Off-Campus Access Link Generator will not allow non-SCSU affiliates to access online library-licensed resources. Only SCSU students, staff, and faculty with a valid SCSU MyApps login have remote access to library-licensed electronic resources.

EZproxy Link Generator

Paste article URL or the full DOI Link

example: or


Paste article DOI Name

example: 10.1300/J136v10n03_13

Result: URL converted for off-campus access