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Graphic Novels, Comics, and Manga

This guide was originally created for students of English 218 studying Comics and the Graphics Novel in Professor Baraw's American Experience and Literature Course at Southern Connecticut State University.


Here is a list of magazines that feature graphic novels, comic books, and their creators:

Comic Art (2002-2007) 

Comic Book Artist - Featured lengthy interviews with artists, writers, editors and publishers. Ceased publication. (1998-2005)

Comic Foundry  - A magazine devoted to how comics can influence your everyday life.

The Comics Journal - Contains news, criticism, scathing reviews, and pointed editorials pertaining to comics, comic strips, and graphic novels.

European Comic Art - Features articles devoted to the study of European-language graphic novels, comic strips, comic books, and caricature.

Graphic Novel Scene Magazine - Includes news, reviews, price guide and other information that comic readers want to know.

Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics - Features interdisciplinary research on graphic novels, comic strips and comic books from the fields of art, cinema, television and cultural studies.

Sequential Tart - A web zine that focuses on the influence of women in the comic industry. Features in-depth articles, news, and interviews.

Wizard: The Comics Magazine - Covers information about comic books, movies, TV, video games and DVDs with full-color graphics, in-depth interviews and behind-the-scenes features. Ceased publication. (1991-2011)

Write Now - the professional “how-to” magazine on writing for comics, animation, and science fiction.

Useful Websites

Anime News Network
Anime News Network publishes news stories related to anime and manga, a listing of anime and manga titles, as well as people and companies involved in the production of those titles. A question and answer column for discussion is also available.

The Beat
This is the news blog site of comics culture.

The Collins Compendium of Free Online Comic Books
This site provides an impressive array of links to web sites that offer free comic books.

Comic Book Plus
This site offers free downloads to comics that are in the public domain.

The Comic Book Resources (CBR)
CBR features news, previews, reviews, message boards, and forums.

Comics primarily covers book-length works about comic books and comic strips".

Comics Timeline
Gives you a history of the funnies in America

ComiXology offers over 30,000 comics and graphic novels from over 75  top publishers, including Marvel, DC, Image, IDW, Dynamite, and BOOM!

Cover Browser
Explores 450,000 covers of comic books and more.

DC Comics
Information on DC Comics characters such as Batman, Superman, and more.

Digital Comic Museum
Visitors can download free public domain golden age comics at this site.

Grand Comics Database
The Grand Comics Database (GCD) is an ongoing international project to build a detailed comic-book database that will be easy to use and understand, and also easy for contributors to add information to it. This fully searchable and sortable database includes information on creator credits, story details, and other information useful to the comic-book reader, fan, collector, and scholar.

History of Manga
This site traces the history of Manga from the origin to the beginnings of modern Manga and offers many interesting facts and details.

The Internet Public Library's Guide to Graphic Novels
History of anime, Manga, graphic novels, web comics, and more.

Publishes news, essays and interviews about the American comic book industry.

No Flying, No Tights
This is a graphic novel review site for teens.
You can browse by genre or skim the "new sensation" section.