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Finding Journals and Articles

How to find articles and journals through Buley Library

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Find Articles

Looking for a Specific Article

In order to find a specific article, you should gather as much information about the article as you can, such as the article title, the primary author, the title of the journal where the article is published, as well as the volume, issue, and date of publication.  The more information you have, the easier it will be to find the article.

Some good places to start your search are SouthernSearch, the search box on the library homepage, Google Scholar, or Article Finder.

You can paste an entire citation, or as much information as you have, into the search boxes of SouthernSearch and Google Scholar.  If you choose to use Article Finder, you should enter the information in the appropriate fields of the search form.  The more information you enter, the more likely you are to find the article you want.

Browsing for an Article

If you are looking for an article on a particular topic, you can start by searching for keywords in SouthernSearch.  This will show you relevant articles from Buley's journal and database subscriptions.  If you would like to search in a database particular to you subject area, this might help narrow down results.  Go to Buley's A to Z Database List to find the best database for your subject.

Interlibrary Loan

If we don't have access to the article you need, you can submit an Interlibrary Loan request and we will get the article for you from another library, if possible.

Find a Journal

To discover if the library has a specific journal, enter the title of the journal in the search box below.


For more advanced search options, click here to visit the Journal Finder page.

Find Info About Journals

If you are looking for information about journals, e.g.: identifying journals that cover certain topics or subjects, try the source listed below.