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General Research Steps:

1. Identify your topic and write down the main concepts as keywords.

2. Search the encyclopedias with broad subjects and keywords to find background information on your topic.

3. Use SouthernSearch to search for books and library materials. Take note of the location and circulation status of the book.

4. Search the subject specific theater databases  to find articles on your topic. (a useful guide to finding articles is here.)

5. Find Internet Resources using search engines or Research Guides provided by librarians.

6. Evaluate your information. Distinguish between scholarly and non-scholarly sources. Check the authority and quality of the information. If you have too many resources you may need to narrow your topic. Ask a reference librarian or your instructor for help if you need it.

7. Always cite your sources and give credit to the authors of the references you are using to avoid plagiarism. A list of citation tools is provided on the last page of this guide.


Search SouthernSearch for books, print journals, media, and other library materials.  (Remember to take note of the location of the materials. Library Materials can be inter-borrowed between the four state university libraries by using the "Get it" option.)

To find a published play in a book, search under the title or author of the play:

    "Death of a Salesman" or

    Miller, Arthur

SouthernSearch does not always list the titles of the plays contained in collections and anthologies, however, you can do an author search, then look among the results for books that contain many or all of the authors works. (The Complete Works of..., The Collected Plays of...)

   drama collections

If you find out that your play was published in a book or periodical that SCSU or the other CSU libraries do not have, you can still request the book through Interlibrary Loan.

For more information about finding plays, refer to the "find plays" tab in this guide


Examples of LC  Subject search terms



Community Theater




Puppet Theater

Stage Lighting


Theater History (links to Subject Heading in Consuls)

Theater Production and Direction

Theater Study and Teaching

Theater United States

Theatrical Makeup


Arts and Special Collections

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