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Books in Buley library are organized by Library of Congress Classification.

The following is a selected list of call numbers for theater-related library materials:

Costume: GT 500-2370 and TS 545-TT 850

Hair, cosmetics: PN 2152-2160

Masks: PN 2171-2179

Scene painting: PN 3305

Theaters: NA 6820-6845

Performing Arts: PN 1530-1590

The Monologue: PN 1530

Study and Teaching: PN 1576

Biography: PN 1583

Drama: PN 1600-3307

(Plays are classed according to their national literatures for example: PQ (French, Spanish, Italian) and PR (English literature) and PS (American Literature)

Collections: PN 1621-1623

Technique of dramatic composition: PN 1660-1693

History: PN 1721-1861

Historical Plays: PN 1870-1879

Tragedy: PN 1891-1899

Comedy: PN 1922-1929

Dramatic representation. The theater: PN 2000-2009

Acting: PN 2055-2073

Stage and accessories: PN 2085-2091

Sound effects: PN 2085-2091

Satire, humor, etc. PN 2095

Ancient Theatre History: PN 2131-2145

Medieval Theatre History: PN 2152-2160

Renaissance Theatre History: PN 2171-2179

Modern Theatre History: PN 2181-2193

The Jewish Theatre: PN 3035

Plays, Collections of General Literature: PN6110.6120

English Literature-drama: PR 621-739

History of drama literature PR 641-739

American Literature-drama: PS 330-PS 352