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United States History - Primary Resources

The Colonial Era 1607-1775



Albany Plan of Union (1754)

America in Caricature 1765-1798

The American Founders Online: An Annotated Guide to Their Papers and Publications

American History: A Chronology 1492 - Present - The Avalon Project at Yale Law School

The Avalon Project at Yale Law School Colonial Charters, Grants and Related Documents

Bacon's Rebellion: The Declaration (1676) by Nathaniel Bacon

Bradford's History of Plymouth Plantation

The Cambridge Agreement 26 August, 1629

Charter of the Colony of New Plymouth Granted to William Bradford and His Associates : 1629

Charter of Privileges which Gustavus Adolphus Has Graciously Given by Letters Patent to the Newly Established Swedish South Company; June 14, 1626

Charter of the Dutch West India Company : 1621

The Coins of Colonial and Early America Colonial Currency

Colonial Williamsburg

David Rumsey Map Collection

Documents from the Continental Congress and the Constitutional Convention

The Examination of Mrs Anne Hutchinson at the Court at Newton. 1637

The First Thanksgiving Proclamation June 20, 1676

The Geography of Slavery

The Great Awakening Comes to Weathersfield , Connecticut: Nathan Cole's Spiritual Travels

"He Lov'd the English Extraordinary Well": Enoe Will Guides John Lawson Through the Carolina Interior, 1709

Increase Mather Remarkable Providences An Essay For the Recording of Illustrious Providences (Boston, 1684)

Indian Trader John Lawson's Journal of Carolina, 1709

"The Iroquois were much astonished that two men should have been killed so quickly": Samuel de Champlain Introduces Firearms to Native Warfare, 1609

John Winthrop, A Modell of Christian Charity (1630)

A Letter Home From Massachusetts Bay in 1631

Letters of Thomas Newe to His Father, from South Carolina (1682).

Maps of the French and Indian War

The Massachusetts Body of Liberties (1641)

The Mayflower Compact (November 1620)

Metacom Relates Indian Complaints about the English Settlers, 1675

"A Most Awkward, Ridiculous Appearance": Benjamin Franklin Enters Philadelphia

The National Archives of Great Britain

One Year in the Life of Thomas Minor, Connecticut Farmer, 1668.

"Our Plantation Is Very Weak": The Experiences of an Indentured Servant in Virginia, 1623

"Packed Densely, Like Herrings": Gottlieb Mittelberger Warns His Countryman of the Perils of Emigration, 1750

Perry- Castañeda Library Map Collection Historical Maps of the United States




The BLOODY MASSACRE Perpetrated in King Street, BOSTON on March 5th 1770 by a party of the 29th REG
Artist: Paul Revere (and Henry Pelham?)

Text of the bottom:

Unhappy BOSTON! see thy Sons deplore, Thy hallowe'd Walks besmear'd with guiltless Gore: While faithless --- and his savage Bands, With murd'rous Rancour stretch their bloody Hands; Like fierce Barbarians grinning o'er their Prey, Approve the Carnage, and enjoy the Day.

If scalding drops from Rage from Anguish Wrung If speechless Sorrows lab' ring for a Tongue, Or if a weeping World can ought appease The plaintive Ghosts of Victims such as these; The Patriot's copious Tears for each are shed, A glorious Tribute which embalms the Dead.

But know, FATE summons to that awful Goal, Where JUSTICE strips the Murd'rer of his Soul: Should venal C-ts the scandal of the Land, Snatch the relentless Villain from her Hand, Keen Execrations on this Plate inscrib'd, Shall reach a JUDGE who never can be brib'd.

The unhappy Sufferers were Messs. SAM. L GRAY, SAM.L MAVERICK, JAM.S CALDWELL , CRISPUS ATTUCKS & PAT.K CARR Killed. Six wounded two of them (CHRIST.R MONK & JOHN CLARK) Mortally



Plymouth Plantation

Raid on Deerfield: The Many Stories of 1704

Rare Map Collection - Colonial America

Religion and the American Revolution

Religion and the Founding of the American Republic: Persecution In America

Salem Witchcraft Hysteria

Samuel Adams, The Rights of the Colonists, The Report of the Committee of Correspondence to the Boston Town Meeting, Nov. 20, 1772

Samuel Willard, A briefe account of a strange & unusuall Providence of God befallen to Elizabeth Knap of Groton

"A Severe and Proud Dame She Was": Mary Rowlandson Lives Among the Indians, 1675 by Mary Rowlandson

Slaves and the Courts, 1740-1860

"So Must We Be One..., Otherwise We Shall Be All Gone Shortly": Narragansett Chief Miantonomi Tries to Form an Alliance Against Settlers in New England and Long Island, 1640s.

"The Starving Time": John Smith Recounts the Early History of Jamestown, 1609

"Such Was the Tumultation These Women Made": The Women of Marblehead Wreak Revenge Upon Indian Captors, 1677

"They Live Well in the Time of their Service": George Alsop Writes of Servants in Maryland, 1663

"Thus This Poore People Populate This Howling Desart ": Edward Johnson Describes the Founding of the Town of Concord in Massachusetts Bay, 1635

Virtual Jamestown : Jamestown and the Virginia Experiment

Walking Tour of Plymouth Plantation

"We Unfortunate English People Suffer Here": An English Servant Writes Home

The West Point Atlas of American Wars

"What Can You Get By Warre ": Powhatan Exchanges Views With Captain John Smith, 1608"

"Work and labor in this new and wild land are very hard": A German Migrant in Philadelphia, 1750 Gottlieb Mittelberger .

WWW-VL: The American West Colonial Period

WWW-VL: History: USA: Colonial Era