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*Web Exhibit* -- Open Access by Subject: Anthropology

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The Open Digital Archaeology Textbook

The Open Digital Archaeology Textbook logoOpen Digital Archaeology Textbook image

Resource: The Open Digital Archaeology Textbook by Shawn Graham, Neha Gupta, Jolene Smith, Andreas Angourakis, Michael Carter, & Beth Compton. "An introduction to the issues, methods, and techniques of digital archaeology, integrated with working code and virtual computing environments or 'notebooks' written in Python or R. The only thing you'll need is a browser! Intended for second or third year students, all materials are creative-commons licensed, and may be remixed to suit your instructional purposes. Funded by eCampusOntario."

License: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Additional info: Suggestions and instructions for using the textbook are included on the Support pages.

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