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*Web Exhibit* -- Open Access by Subject: Geography

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Map of Westville from 1893 - David Rumsey Historical Map Collection

Resource: A map of Westville, showing the rather empty corner of Crescent & Fitch in 1893, the year the teachers' college destined to become SCSU was founded. The Town and City Altas of the State of Connecticut is part of the David Rumsey Map Collection which includes historical maps from town maps to global atlases, and additional map related materials. There are now over 27,000 images in the online collection.

License: Creative Commons Attribution/Non-Commerical/Share-Alike License; you may view, download, share, and modify these images as long as you acknowledge the creators and that the resulting works are non-commercial and distributed under a similar license.

Additional info: The Luna viewer allows detailed viewing and comparison of the images on the website. Collections and presentations may be created with registration. Hi-res images are available for download with registration. Individual images may be embedded in websites. Individual images may be purchased as prints.

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