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*Web Exhibit* -- Open Access by Subject: Biology

Are there open materials in your subject? Yes, there are!

PBS Learning Media - Video, Audio, Text, Interactive

Resource: Crash Course Biology is a series of videos on basic biological topics, such as ATP & Respiration, Photosynthesis, DNA, Cell division, Evolution, and much more.

License: All Right Reserved, registration required.
PBS and WGBH Educational Foundation produce most of the content, which is provided as open access for educational use as part of the educational mission of the entities. Registration is required to view materials past an introductory period of 3 resource views. (The limit is IP related, and so any individual campus logon may or may not be affected.) Some materials are available for download for offline use after registration. Most video materials are 'as-is' use only, though text-based materials may be editable. See the Terms of Use.

Additional info: Many of the resources have lesson plans, additional readings, discussion questions, or other related educational resources. The site is browsable by topic, grade level (including 13+), and format, and also searchable by keyword.

Additional Open Access Resources