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*Web Exhibit* -- Open Access by Subject: Women's Studies

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"Women Working: 1800-1930" -- an Open Collection from Harvard University

Bulding automobile fan belts, Firestone, 1928

Creator: Firestone Tire and Rubber Company
Date: 1928

Resource: Women Working: 1800-1930 is part of Harvard University's Open Collection Program. Women Working includes pamphlets, articles, essays, and photographs, including some, like the example, from the Industrial Life Photographs Collection ca. 1920-1941. The collection is browsable by people, organizations, topics, events, and type of material.

License: Copyright is held by Harvard University. Access granted for teaching, learning, research, and personal enjoyment.

Additional info: Teacher Resources and a Timeline are available. Support for the collection comes from the William and Flora Hewett Foundation. Additional collections are available from the Harvard Open Collection Program.

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